Second Mission Period 1587 - 1616

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This mission was located inland from the Guale coast, where Fray Dáviia was held captive in 1597, was mentioned by that friar in his account of his travails as the first mission or post where I had been. Dávila placed Tulafina six leagues from the village of the chief who had saved his life shortly after his capture. That chief's village was two leagues from the Ospo mission and two leagues beyond Ufalague. There is no other record of mission activity at Tulafina or at any other Salchiche settlement, even though the chief of Tuguepe, described in 1606 as chief of the Salchiche, was given a rush course in Christian doctrine at Ecpogache during the bishop's visit in the hope that his conversion would lead to the conversion of his tribe. The bishop's hope may have been realized eventually as a Maria, cacica of Tulafina, was a resident of Amelia Island's Santa Maria mission in 1695.

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